Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EEEKKK, I haven't done so well at this blogging thing.

Update: Thought I posted this already and realized it was still sitting in my drafts. Well tomorrow starts week 3 of boot camp and it still hurts every day but in a good way. I know that I need to do it and it's going to be a long process. My trainer is awesome but he wants you to give it your personal best. Anyway, hopefully by the end of this I will have lost a few pounds and got a bit better at the workouts. I'll try to keep up with this better.

Well as you can see I suck at blogging and I suck even more at losing weight. Well starting yesterday was my first night of exercise boot camp and lets just say I SUCK and I'm so OUT OF SHAPE. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my abilities and how I let myself go over the last 8 years. I was the slowest with the cardio and it nearly wiped me out. I have made a packed with myself that I need to do cardio every day. I go to bootcamp from 6:30pm - 7:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 4 weeks.

Well as I was puking when I got home from the extremely excrutiating work out I realized "it can't get worse" so tredge forward. I'm not giving up and totally intend to keep signing up because this has to work right? I am also going to try to make sure I post regularly here.

As I sit here sore I realize that my kids need a healthy mom that wants to and is able to keep up with them and right now that's not where I am at.

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  1. Good job on getting yourself motivated. I myself just recently started. Last year my Husband was diagnosed with diabetes, so I started to change our diet and I lost like 15 pounds. Just eating better. Then in an attempt to get my Mom and myself off our butts, we joind the gym. I am down 30 pounds now, in a size that I was before I had the kids, and thinks it's fantastic that my husband doesnt call me J-Lo-fer anymore due to the fact that I had serious ghetto booty. There is nothing better than a diabetic diet (even if you arnt diabetic, so if you want to check out some reciepes, I found a lot off of diabeticgourmet.com Really good and easy stuff, and the whole family eats it. Good luck in your quest, it takes a while but, it's worth it.